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My awkward fence

Hey all,

I am new here but I am currently in the middle of a fun project that I was hoping to get some help with. I am removing an old chain link fence and building a cedar picket fence instead. The interesting part is I have spacing between the existing posts that varies greatly, see attached for exact measurements. 

The posts are also currently 2" OD galvanized steel which I would like to extend 3 ft for additional privacy. My thought right now is to slip a 2 and 3/8" galvanized post over the existing posts and fill with mortar or quick set. 

So hoping to get help with.

1. Extending the existing posts. Any ideas other than a slipcover and filling that with mortar? 

2. The best strategy for the rails being that they are all awkwardly spaced. 

3. Any suggestions for hiding the galvanized posts.

I appreciate any help, thank you. 




Re: My awkward fence

Are the gray boxes wood posts?

You can use ohm shaped conduit straps (half circle with wings on each side) to secure the stringers to the posts.  Cut the stringers to fit center to center of the posts.  If the galvanized posts are at least 4' tall, then a 2x6 stringer at the top and bottom will support 6' pickets.  The posts must be on your side of the fence.  This will hide the posts from your neighbors but not from you.  Paint the posts if you want to to help blend them in to the fence, but the fence will change color over time unless you stain it.

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