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Musty smell in basemeny

How can I get rid of my musty smelling basement?

Re: Musty smell in basemeny


Musty smells come from moist, damp areas. The drier you can keep the basement, the less the smell. Are there any signs that the basement has taken water at sometime in the past? Is any mildew to be seen?You might want to check if any vapor barrier was put up before that paneling was installed (I am assuming you are the same poster asking about lightening the pine paneling)

There is a product called Concrobium available at Home Depot which is useful in controlling mildew and its resulting smells. It is very safe to use and has virtually no odor of its own. It controls mildew by leaving an invisible chemical salt residue after it dries.

Re: Musty smell in basemeny

I would recommend a Dehumidifier. I have found in my basement that was the only way to get rid of the musty smell. The concrete always seemed damp (not wet). After purchasing a dehumidifier and letting it run about a week the smell started to go away. Most of them allow you to set the humidity that you want the area to stay at in a basement I would recommend between 50 and 40 percent.

Re: Musty smell in basemeny

If there is no moisture barrier under the concrete, water vapor could be coming up threw the concrete. If you have exposed concrete floors there is a product by Arizona Polymer Flooring that makes a vapor solve product that can be rolled on the concrete floors.

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