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Musty apartment

We always get a musty odor when the weather is in between...not cold/not hot. The smell seems to be in only certain parts of the apartment (6 story apartment building)that you wouldn't expect. It's in the living room, in the back hall that leads to the bedroom, in the entrance way to the apartment. There's no visible evidence of mold anywhere. The apartment was renovated (new kitchen/bath/floors refinished) over the last 5 years. We recently purchased an air purifier hoping that that would solve the problem but it hasn't done much. Since it's an apartment we can't hire an engineer or have an external company come in and investigate and our building manager has come to look and says 'no signs of mold?.....no problem'. What can we do? We've even purchased those coal deodorizers. Those help a little but we would have to purchase a 100 of them for it to totally get rid of the smell every spring/fall.

Re: Musty apartment

I don't know what state you're in, but it's probably the same all over the country: A landlord has to provide the tenant with an apartment in an "habitable condition". Now, what does it mean? It means many things. You ask 10 tenant-landlord judges, you'll get 20 answers.

1. Complain, in writing, to your landlord, since the manager seems not to care. If there is no reply, or a dismissive reply move to #2.

2. Contact a tenant-landlord lawyer or free legal service in your city for a consultation.

3. If you get no where, you follow the terms of your lease/rental agreement that deal with "termination of rental agreement", as far as notice of intent to move, unless you want to stay there anyway. Don't stop paying rent, as required in your agreement. Give a notice, explaining why you have to move.

4. Find another place, if you decide to move, and move out on your last day. Take dated pics of the apartment condition on that day.

5. Your landlord has to give you a "final statement" that tells you where your security deposit is - in 21 days or less (could be a different number of days in your city). I assume you gave the landlord a security deposit.

6. If you get no security deposit back, go to small claims court.

7. If you do everything right and there are no hidden conditions in your agreement, I think that you will prevail. Unpleasant odor is a reason to label the apartment "unhabitable".

Re: Musty apartment

Just wondering when the smell started or has it always been there.

Re: Musty apartment
ed21 wrote:

Just wondering when the smell started or has it always been there.

Good point.

I based my reply on the assumption that the smell was there from day one. Then you will have to prove it. However, if it wasn't there from the beginning, you might be out of gas.

I know tenants who had no proof that the smell was there from the beginning, so they just moved out, forfeiting their security deposit and leaving their landlord to deal with their stink.

Re: Musty apartment

The smell has always been there but only during the 'in-between' months. I'm in the northeast. Not very cold now, not warm either. Just purchase an air purifier. Crossing my fingers that it does the trick over the next 2 - 3 months.

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