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Mushrooms everywhere

Hi have a mushroom problem in my yard. My yard tends to be wet after it rains, neighbor tree blocks most of the sun. I have mushrooms growing and not all where it is damp.I have been digging them out but there must be a better way.I have searched this site but nothing really says how to get rid of them. Thanks

Re: Mushrooms everywhere

Mushrooms aren't a bad thing. They thrive in moist, well drained, loamy soils which is also the perfect environment for growing a lawn. If you are overwatering a touch, or have been having more rain than usual, mushrooms often appear. Once the water is back to your normal levels the mushrooms vanish on their own.

Mushrooms spores are minute and are blown in from great distances. You cannot control that. These spores can also 'hiberanate' for centuries. Can't do much about that either.

If you really want to get rid of the mushrooms, have you thought of a sign that says -

Please don't pick these mushrooms !!

Re: Mushrooms everywhere

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