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Mulch & Termites

I have a yard 150 by 100 ft and several mature pine trees throughout. It is covered with English Ivy. The Ivy has completely consumed everything in the yard and some trees. I want to mulch the whole thing over with 10 inches of tree shredded mulch.

Will this work? What advice can you offer?

Will this action cause me to have a termite problem?

Re: Mulch & Termites

If my calculation is correct that's 466 yards of mulch. Quite a bit of money. It probably would attract termites.
I'm not sure it would kill all the ivy, especially what's growing on the trees.
If it did you would only have a yard of mulch. Not my idea of a nice yard.
You might think about removing some trees. Personal experience with pines snapping off or blowing over makes me not like them much. It would open up the yard to more sunlight too.
Manual removal of ivy is the only way to get rid of it I know of.
Round up will not work. More potent chemicals might, but I'd hesitate saturating my yard with them.
It sounds like a lengthy, but worthwhile project.
It might be best handled in smaller more manageable pieces.

Re: Mulch & Termites

Agree that you don't want to attract bugs, of any kind. If this were my yard, I'd put on goggles, take my weed-wacker and spend a few days cutting back the ivy as best I could near the roots. It's a big job, but you don't want to have the likes of Roundup all over your property.

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