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Mudding drywall

Our bathroom was in need of a major update so we decided to tackle it ourselves. We managed to take down the old drywall (which had mold growing on it and the corner bead was rusted through) and put up new drywall all around, including some moisture resistant drywall. We tried to lay the tape, but it doesn't stick. When it does, the edges lift up. We are going for the texture-less look to match the existing plaster in the house. We have tried using a little compound behind the tape just to make it stick, but it doesn't, and this is on the horizontial joints. We don't even dare tackle the corners. Any help would be appreciated.

A. Spruce
Re: Mudding drywall
A. Spruce

There are few things about home construction that are difficult, that is not to say that there isn't an art form or technique applied to the craft that makes all the difference. With drywall, it is important to have a dust free (as much as possible ) surface. After that, you need the right materials. For flat joints, mesh tape or paper tape will work equally well. For corners, paper or paper with metal is necessary for clean, crisp corners. Metal edges require another step.

With mesh tape, the wall needs to be relatively dust free for the self adhesive tape to stick. Once in place, joint compound is applied to cover the tape and joint. Consequent layers are done with topping compound until the joint is as invisible as possible.

With paper tape, the surface of the drywall doesn't need to be quite as dust free, but it helps considerably. Usually a dusting with the had or a fox tail broom is sufficient. Once relatively dust free, a thin, even layer of joint compound is applied, then the paper tape is applied. A drywall knife is then run the length of the joint to press out any unneeded compound and air bubbles and a second layer of compound is applied over the tape. Once this is dry, a layer of topping compound is applied to bring things flush with the rest of the drywall surface.

Sand off the lumps and bumps and you're ready for texture or primer/paint, depending on your finish preference.

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