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Moving Washer to the Basement

My wife is thinking of having me move the washer into the basement to increase the the kitchen area. The soil pipe I would need to connect to would be about 8 feet higher than the washer in its' new basement location. My question is, does a conventional washing machine's pump to drain the water have enough force to pump the water up to 8 feet to discharge, or is there some other mechanism I need to include in the move to pump the water up to this height?

Re: Moving Washer to the Basement

8 feet ?? sounds high. I'm not quite sure the washer pump would be effective going that high --- it might.
Even so , you would be required cut that line , install a wye and come back a bit to make this a branch and have a "P" trap --- you may also need to vent that small branch as well.
Are you on a city sewer system? If so you probably have a vertical stack. Perhaps the washer can be relocated near there. This way a washer vented stand pipe can be installed around there.

Re: Moving Washer to the Basement

i believe that 6' is the maximum height on what you're talking about. check with your washing machine guide to see, it usually lists how high the pump can go.

Re: Moving Washer to the Basement

If your machine is a newer model it may work. Im pretty sure you will need to change out the discharge hose for length and possibly add a check valve in the line.This way when the pump stops the dirty water won't drain back into the washer.

Im with canuk,cut the line and do it the correct way if possible.

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