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Moving a vanity light

I'm in the process of remodeling my bathroom and am installing a larger vanity (36") and placing it against the left wall. The previous vanity was 30" and was set out about 12 inches from the left wall....too much wasted space.

Anyway, the configuration change requires that the light be moved over to the left. However, after removing a portion of the drywall, I discovered that on the other side of the stud (which is where the light would need to be positioned), there is a water pipe and the electrical outlet for my refrigerator.

If positioned carefully, I'll have enough room (but barely) to install the light without touching either the pipe or the outlet box. Home Depot told me as long as none of the metal touches, it's fine. I'm just looking for additional opinions. Please advise.

Re: Moving a vanity light

Thanks for the info. I happen to have mastic tape (I have no idea why; I'm guessing a previous contractor must have left it here). Is this the same as mastic pad?

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