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Mouse/Basement Insulation problem

My basement is an unfinished poured concrete foundation with the framing exposed at the top of the walls. There is about 12 inches between the top of the concrete walls and the ceiling where paper faced fiberglass insulation has been installed in the stud bays.

To make a long story short we had a mouse problem and little creatures removed the insulation in five of the stud bays and had been living behind the insulation in another. I used a can of expanding foam insulation on the outside of our house to seal up where the mice where getting in and out.

I have a couple of questions about what to do next. Should I put something on the inside and on top of the foundation to further seal it off? Should I get a roll of fiberglass insulation to redo the empty stud bays or use another material? Can I have fiberglass insulation touching ductwork for an upstairs vent or the dryer venting?

Any and all advice would be appreciated.

Re: Mouse/Basement Insulation problem

Before you go doing interior repair, you need to go back and make the mouse entry a bit more mouse-proof. Mice will eat/claw right through that expanding foam and if they have memory or motivation to get back in they will do so. You might be able to get away with a metal mesh or steel wool mixed in with that foam or over the top of where you placed.

Re: Mouse/Basement Insulation problem

You have to resolve the mouse issue first.

If you declare war against the mice, I have to warn you: mice are not stupid.

Bait, traps and a cat are some of the ways to outsmart them.

Trying to seal the house usually doesn't work with mice.

Re: Mouse/Basement Insulation problem

That's my main concern, I don't want to install new insulation in the stud bays only to have the mice come in and make themselves at home again.

The mice are gone but all I did was fill the space in between the patio door and the steps with the expanding foam insulation. I don't have access to the mouse hole from the outside; even before I sprayed the foam, because it is behind the concrete patio steps. What can I do from the inside to prevent the mice from eating through the foam and getting back into the house?

Re: Mouse/Basement Insulation problem

"What can I do from the inside to prevent the mice from eating through the foam and getting back into the house?"

If you can locate the hole(s) - seal them with better material than insulation or foam. Cement products will do. But if they return, it means they still find a way in, you will have to fight back with traps, baits or a cat. Amazingly, mice can go through the tiniest holes, and there is no other practical way to make a house 100% mouse proof.

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