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mouse problem

I would like to wrap trees base in something to deter mice from climbing trees. What would you recommend.

Re: mouse problem

Is the tree on your property or public property?

Do you have pets?

I can't see how you can stop them with a tree wrap.

Here are my 3 cents, if the tree is on your property:
1. trap them with traps and bait.
2. poison them, if you have no pets.
3. get a frisky, energetic cat, feed it little and let it handle them.

Good luck.

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Re: mouse problem

Try wrapping a piece of sheet metal around the tree trunk. You can also put a paste of vaseline and cayenne pepper on the metal.

Re: mouse problem

Either a cone of sheet metal or a dog.

Re: mouse problem

Maybe you can wrap hardware cloth around the base of the tree? The bottom of the cloth should extend about 2 to 3 inches into the ground, just make sure it doesn't interfere with the tree's root network.

If it's a skinnier tree maybe you can use a field tile (typically used for drainage in fields), cut it lengthwise so it fits around the tree. You can also cut a 2-liter soda/pop bottle to place it around the base of the tree.

Finally, there are commercially available "tree guards"...Arborgard, Spiralguard, and Texguard.

Good luck!

**Sorry, I just realized this thread is 3 years old...but maybe it'll end up in a search engine to help someone out in the future.

Re: mouse problem

Before wrapping your tree in something. Why not try deterring the mice from the area. Peppermint plants planted at the base of the tree will help deter the little ones from climbing up in the tree. I have also planted catnip and mari****s as boundary points and have seen pretty good results.

Re: mouse problem

Best would be to get a cat. Cats are like mouse repellent and they wont even think of coming closer to your place around cats.

Re: mouse problem
HoustonRemodeler wrote:

Either a cone of sheet metal or a dog.

add on a cat too :)

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