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tom taylor
motion sensor wiring

i am installing a motion sensor light over the back door where
there is no previous fixture. how much drywall do i have to remove
inside to connect to double switch inside by the door, and can i
disconnect one of the switches that we dont use and connect the
motion sensor light to this switch. thanks to anyone who can
help. tom t.

A. Spruce
Re: motion sensor wiring

If you go to the side of the door, you shouldn't have to remove any drywall at all, just cut your new light fixture hole for a 'cut in' style box and pull the switches out of the interior box, leaving them attached to their wiring.

This should give you enough space to snake a new wire from the fixture to the switch box, you may need a helper, and it might be easier to back fish a smaller wire from the switch box to the fixture opening.

What is being controlled by the existing switches, and how many wires are attached to the switches and bundled in the box?

ALWAYS turn off the electricity before opening or working on circuitry.

tom taylor
Re: motion sensor wiring

thank you for the advice, i am new diy'er and having to learn
everything the hard way. i like having this forum to ask people
how to do things the right way. thanks again tom t.

A. Spruce
Re: motion sensor wiring

You are welcome for the advice.

Please provide answers to the questions I posed so that I and others can more accurately offer the information that you need. The more information you can give about your projects, the better we all can help you through them. :cool:

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