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Moss on garage roof

I have a rear detached garage. This garage has alot of mass growing on the roof. I would like to know what to do about this. Me and my wife have owned this has for more than 6 years . This problem has been getting worse and worse very year. I would like to know how to fix this and prevent this from happening again. thanks Pat Kuzminski

Re: Moss on garage roof

Moss and algae is sometimes unpreventable. Does your garage roof get any sunlight? If not this could be helping the growth. Make sure any trees and cut back away from the roof.

You can try to clean it by yourself, but it's risky and dangerous. Unless you have experience getting up on the roof, then don't go up there to clean it. You could cause damage the roof and get injured.

You may need to add into your home maintenance budget a yearly roof cleaning. Make sure to hire a reputable company to come out and clean it.
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Re: Moss on garage roof

One video is worth a thousand words. http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/video/0,,1630921,00.html


Re: Moss on garage roof

If you try and remove the moss you will remove the stone chippings that are protecting the felt from UV light.

If the felt is old as the previous chap said it will probably be blistered and will crack when walked on.

The moss does help to absorb UV and help maintain the temperature of the felt roof.

Re: Moss on garage roof

Moss is unpreventable.
I think regular cleaning can fix that problem.

Re: Moss on garage roof

I know how to sort them so the unread messages are first but I want to view only the unread so I can delete them all with out having to deselect the read ones. I have over 10k read ones and its time I don't really want to spend.

Re: Moss on garage roof

i have moss starting to grow on my garage roof. its more of just a greenish color. what is a product that i can buy from a hardware store that actually works and will prevent the moss from growing.

Re: Moss on garage roof

Its looking superb in videos, its really awesome and amazing
thanks for sharing

Re: Moss on garage roof

Moss is controllable, and preventable.. My company specializes in roof cleaning, and moss is often the problem.. Check our site, view the tab under roof cleaning.. There are also some pictures of roofs with moss we have taken care of.


Re: Moss on garage roof

The best moss cleaner: 100% bleach applied from a hand held garden sprayer. Results are obvious in 20 minutes.

Re: Moss on garage roof

dj1 is correct that bleach will kill moss, just as clorine controls green algae growth in swimming pools.

If the roof accumulation is such that it is a visible , usually along the lower edge of the shingles, it is best to physically remove it first. I have spent a couple hours up on my roof scaping the stuff off, then using my garden blower to blow it off the roof.

To keep it from returning, there are a couple solutions, both by the use of zinc. Powder containing zinc is available at homeowner stores under the name Moss Out. This is shaken up along the ridge line of the roof. During rain, the zinc leeches down the roof and kills moss. There are also strips of zinc which can be mounted along the ridge line, also leeching zinc down the roof. You do have to be a little careful as to where the run off goes, as zinc can also kill other green vegetation.

Here in Portland, Oregon, moss could be named the State Plant :)


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