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mosquito plants

I just bought a mosquito plant. (cintranella?) Does this work? Is there anything I should know about this plant like its toxicity to dogs. I am a mosquito magnet and can not sit outside without bug spray. Any other mosquito solutions would be welcome (I know about the bat houses)

Re: mosquito plants

I wouldn't let the dog chew on it, but I don't believe they are toxic to animals. We've always had them around our patio outside to keep mosquitoes away, they are amazing!

Whenever I would go out and be out for a while, I would just take my hands and shake it around so the sent was on my hands and then touch other areas to spread the smell.

There are also some natural sprays you can get (which I believe have citronella and lavender and a few other scents in them) and spray on, IMO way nicer than most bug sprays.

We used to also spray our yard with something natural. I can't remember now, it was something like maybe lemon juice diluted, or something acidic? You could probably search online and find something.

Re: mosquito plants

Thanks! I think I will go out and hug my plant now. If these work I will get many more. That is a good idea about your hands. I will let you know if I have any luck.

Re: mosquito plants

this is the first I've heard of these plants. Do they work? I see "they are amazing", so I assume so.

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