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mortar for brick chimney from 1790

Can any one tell me what cemment/lime/sand mixture should be used for pointing with bricks in a chimney from 1790? Also, where do i but the cemment and lime? Any references where I can read what i need?

Hank Bauer
Re: mortar for brick chimney from 1790

You can get very goog info from one or all of the following.
U.S. Heritage Group Inc.3516 North Kostner Ave. Chicago.
Virginia lIME WORKS, mONROE vA. 24574 ( Ask for Jeffrey Price )
The centre for Canadian Heritage Trades and Technology,Phone # 613-267-2859.
Get a copy of Preservation Brief 2 Repointing Mortar Joints in Historic Masonry Buildings.
Historic Scotland,Technical Conservation Group,Longmore House,Edinburgh, England.
See if you can find an old copy of Masonry Magazine- September/October 1997 Artical by John P. Speweik Titled Repointing Historic Masonry Buildings to Last return of Lime Putty Mortar page 20 thru 26
For Recipes check the following.
National Center for Preservation Technology & Training.
National Park Service.
I would recommend that you have a lab check the existing Mortar for its make up and have Viginia Lime Works or U.S.Heritage blend the correct mixture for you.
You could also contact A.W. Cook 242 Amy Industrial Lane,Hoschton, Georiga 30548 they have a product called Mason Work Historical Mortar.
If you are going to attempt to mix your own for that dated structure For soft brick use the following mix.
1 part brickdust
4 parts lime putty
8 patrs sharp sand
2 parts soft sand

Re: mor*ar for brick chimney from 1790

*hanks for your *ime and info. I am in Raleigh, NC and don'* know where I would ge* *he lime pu**y, brick dus* or shar* and s*** sand. Can you give me ideas on where I migh* look or call?
*hanks again.

Hank Bauer
Re: mor*ar for brick chimney from 1790

For brick dus* call *he local brick company.
For lime pu**y check Niagara Lime,Vigeria Lime Works or U.S.Heri*age Group.
If you are jus* repoin*ing I would go wi*h A.W.cook Masons Works will mee* *ype "O" mor*ar requiremen*s no* *o exceed 350 PSI.

Re: mortar for brick chimney from 1790

Since you are in Raleigh, NC, you should check out the Historic Preservation Trades program at Edgecombe Community College. One of the courses I took there was for masonry and plastering and it was to gain the very information you are seeking. Virginia Limeworks(?)(mentioned in a previous reply)instructed one of the sessions as well as a fellow from Williamsburg, VA, who is also well known and respected within the field of masonry. Matching the right kind of mortar to your specific type of brick is extremely important, as they work together as a system, and its not just a matter of aesthetics. You owe it to yourself, and more importantly, your chimney, to gain as much knowledge as you can so whether you DIY or hire someone to do it for you, you will ensure the integrity and stewardship of your building.

Re: mortar for brick chimney from 1790

VA Limeworks will take a sample of your old mortar and color match it for you, and send you 80 lb bags of redi-mix lime mortar. We took advantage of their services last year restoring a 1817 brick house. They also supplied the lime plaster and horsehair.

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