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Monster house???

The house we're renting has taken a notion to have power surges. The lights, microwave, fans, all dim & the computer even blinks & throws off what I'm doing & has to be 'refreshed'. And does the same thing when the A/C cuts on & off. We have changed most of the breakers at the back of the house & has helped some, but continues to be a problem for 3 wks. now. It is especially worse during lightning storms. Is it the transformer on the outside power pole? Is this dangerous? Once or twice I thought I smelled burning wires. It's beginning to scare me. My husband is ill & not able right now to do much about it. The owner is quite elderly & we try to help her out. Do you have any suggestions to this house's ailments? Is there a percentage of voltage difference on each phase of a 2 phase pole?Thanks for your help. TRW

Re: Monster house???

sounds like the circuits are over loaded, if it is a old house alot of things may be on the same circuits. try shuting one off at a time and see what goes out, and label the panel at the same time. I would suggest only haveing about 8 outlets per circuit. except for the kitchen. that needs alot more. too much to explain . if you find alot of stuff on a circuit you should call an electrician to split up some circuits for you. it could a fire hazard.

Re: Monster house???

You said "We have changed most of the breakers at the back of the house", I hope that doesn't mean you just installed higher amperage brakers. If you did they may be too heavy for the wire size and you could burn down the house.
It sounds like you are in an older house and it may only have a 60 amp service which is to small for all the stuff you say you have running. I would sugest you get an electrician in for a look see befor you end up homeless.

Re: Monster house???

You could have one or several problems. You could have loose or bad connections anywhere from the pole through your panel to a single circuit. Loose or bad connections can have many symptoms, many of which you've already stated and can be very dangerous if not corrected.

You stated you replaced some breakers, did you personally replace the breakers or did an electrician replace them with the intent of solving the problem?

I would contact an electrician or the power company to check out the problem.

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