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Thomas Goff
Moms Garage leaks into house

My mothers garage floor is not level and during the winter when snow melts off the cars, water runs under the adjoining kitchen wall. I have read some of the proposed solutions on other postings but may have a different solution and want to run it by the readers.
In the past I have used a liquid fluid gel substance to level a bathroom concrete floor to apply tile. I was thinking of using this same substance to level and build up the concrete along the kitchen wall. The problem is I do not remember the name of the substance and I would like some feed back if people think it would work or why it would not work. And definitely, respond if you have used this substance for a solution to a similar problem.

Re: Moms Garage leaks into house

You have a waterproofing problem. If you don't take care of it, its going to get worse and cause other issues like mold growth. I am not so sure it's b/c the floor isn't level, It sounds more like waterproofing, Have you ever checked into it?

Re: Moms Garage leaks into house

I would try concrete mix or tile thinset to make a small curb along the wall, be sure and use latex bonding liquid so it will stick to the existing floor.

Re: Moms Garage leaks into house

I think the product you used in you bathroom was probably level cure, or leveling compound, your garage floor doesn't need to be level it needs to slope so water can run out.

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