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molded shower enclosure grab bar grommets

I have a molded acrylic shower surround that has a molded in soap dish. Above the soap dish is a grab bar/washcloth hanger that is captured between two raised portions of the surround. There was a grommet on each end that seals out water from leaking past the bar. These grommets have failed and fallen out. I would like to replace these grommets but I have two problems. One, I can't seem to find any gromments that match the old ones. They are a stiff white/ivory plastic (not rubber). The second problem is, of course, that I cannot remove the bar since it is captured inbetween the molded acrylic. I think I can repair this if I can find the grommets and if they have a split in them (or I can split them) so I can get them around the bar before sliding them into the hole. I do not see any markings that identify the maker. Anybody know where I can get grommets like this?

See photos in my picasa album

Re: molded shower enclosure grab bar grommets

I've got almost the same issue. My grommets are still there, just so loose the bar slides out and water gets behind them. So far I only came up with trying to use an adhesive caulk. I'll keep looking for those grommets too and let you know if I find any. Home Depot said they don't have anything and had no idea who would.

- Randy

Re: molded shower enclosure grab bar grommets
Re: molded shower enclosure grab bar grommets

Thank you Duckman!

I ordered both the 7/8 inch and 1 inch bushings that this company offers and they came in a couple of days ago. My grab bar is 7/8 inch but I wanted both just in case. The 7/8 inch bushing was a soft nearly clear plastic. The inch size was a firm milky white nylon. It took some persuation and patience but I got the smaller 7/8 inch bushings installed last night and they look great, just like new.

Re: molded shower enclosure grab bar grommets
Duckman wrote:

I found them!
Bushings for 1" diameter Towel Bar

Along with new towelbar

Do you happen to remember the name of the company you purchased the grommets from? I have been searching all over with no luck and the link does not open.

Re: molded shower enclosure grab bar grommets
Re: molded shower enclosure grab bar grommets

Thanks Anthy. The previous links I posted just pointed to USpartsCenter.com when you actually went to order them.

To summarize, here are the links.




Just in case the full link cannot be clicked on, here is website where you should be able to do a search and find them:

Do a search for "Acrylic Towel Bar" and you'll find both sizes of grommets and bars.

Re: molded shower enclosure grab bar grommets

We could use a couple of these 1" grommets too, but I am hesitant to pay $16+ for shipping on a small $8.50 plastic item.:(

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