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mold in windows

hello i have this problem for a few years and is hard to live with it, the problem is in the master bedroom and the bathroom and this just happen in summer time,the mold is all over the window what i know is for condensation, but how can i fix this problem? maybe i have to replace it for a good insulated window ? or is any other solution there?


Re: mold in windows

I doubt a new insulated glass window would have much affect as the mold is occuring in the summer, not the winter when it might be sweating.

You are correct in that ultimately your problem is too much moisture. Unfortunately, baths and bedrooms are often subject to higher humidity. Baths because of showers and bedrooms because you tend to sleep in a room with the door closed and little air circulating while you sleep. Two people can give of considerable moisture by just breathing!

If you don't already have one, get the best exhaust fan you can afford. The cheap ones move too little air and are too noisy.

If you are living in a super humid climate, there is not too much to do to keep the humidity down short of running the
A/C more.

Obviously, a plastic framed window will tolerate moisture far better than a wooden window. It might well be worth replacing the old wooden window.

Short of replacing the window, paint the existing window after having killed the mold spores with bleach. Let the sash thoroughly dry out and then prime with an oil based primer followed by a couple coats of semi-gloss or gloss oil paint. Oil paint will definitely give better performance than acrylic in your high humidity bath. Most good paints have a mildecide in them, but you can hedge your bet by adding an additional amount of mildecide from your paint dealer.

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