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Mold in a shed roof

We have a cute garden shed that was in our yard when we bought this house a few years ago. Last year was extremely rainy here in western NC (broke some records) and we had no idea that the shed's roofing was way past needing replacement. We went into the shed only to take out the mower and weedeater and had no idea what was happening with the leak back in the corner. So now we have a situation that looks like this:
The roof itself is a goner due to extensive mold in one area and a little moisture damage in another. The joists are fine except for surface mold on a few of them. I'd love to just take the roof off and let sun and fresh air take care of the mold on the joists but it rains too often for that.
I need to replace the plywood roof but I also need to deal with the mold on the joists while the roof is off. How do I do that?

A. Spruce
Re: Mold in a shed roof

First thing you have to do is stop the leak. I'd recommend replacing the roof and any damaged materials before moving forward.

Once the envelop is sealed, then you can address the mold, which should be easily knocked back with a strong bleach solution. Also, surface mold is totally different from dryrot/wood decay, so once the moisture is gone, the mold should not come back once treated with bleach. You could use some disodiumoctoborate as a preventative, but in this instance I believe that to be overkill. Your mold issue is due to a roof leak, cure the leak, you get rid of the mold.

Re: Mold in a shed roof

Assuming that the shed is regular size, you can remove the old roof, including the plywood deck and replace with new plywood, and a nailed down layer of tar roofing paper in one day (don't choose a rainy day). If you have a helper, you could also install new shingles, on the same day.

If you plan to do it this way, have all the materials you need on hand, ready to go.

Re: Mold in a shed roof

Okay, thanks guys.

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