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Mold in my attic ceiling, water in my house...help

i have a 10 year old home and just 3 days ago my daughter showed me she had water coming into her bedroom from the window molding on top that is cracked and dirty brown water is dripping onto the window sill. I walked out back and brown streaks of water are running down my siding from the far left side of my 2 story house to the far right side up to where it goes into a one level.

I called a gutter cleaner as I am not good with heights and there was no ice, snow or leaves up there but the soffit was filled with water and under the shingles were very wet. I then went into the small hole leading to my attic which I could only peek into unless I take shelving down and I could see the boards leading from the top of my roof going toward the front of the house looked dry and the top of the house toward the back was wet and moldy. the side of the hous is also very dark and moldy looking.

Do I call a lawyer, a roofer or the original builder first, or my insurance company? I called over a neighbor who is a builder, but not a roofer and he just said sorry dude this looks bad. Any advice would be appreciated. I need a show to come visit me and advise me as this home, which I built and love is now quite scary.

A. Spruce
Re: Mold in my attic ceiling, water in my house...help

After 10 years, not sure who you think should be liable besides yourself. Homes require maintenance, if they don't get it, they start having problems. Instead of pointing fingers looking for a fall guy, your time and energy would be better spent finding out what the problem is and correcting it, then mitigating any mold/mildew issues that have resulted from it.

Without a site visit to inspect the structure, there is no way that anyone can definitively tell you what is wrong or why there is a problem. A roof leak can have any number of causes beyond faulty installation or materials. A squirrel or bird may have chewed a hole, a commonplace problem for those with a cedar shake roof. Leaf build-up in a valley could have rotted out flashing. A previous storm could have damaged the roof.

I would recommend starting with your insurance adjuster to assess the damages, however DO NOT accept any settlements until you've had at least 3 general contractors familiar with roof, framing, and drywall submit bids for repair.

One last thing you can do is to talk with other neighbors in your neighborhood that have the exact same house to see if they've experienced similar problems that may have a common cause. If there are others, then, and only then, might the builder be liable.

Re: Mold in my attic ceiling, water in my house...help

You have to act immediately - time is not on your side.

Your insurance co is a logical start. Good luck, you'll need some.

Re: Mold in my attic ceiling, water in my house...help

10 years is a long time and I am not sure weather you would be able to bring in the original builder.Homes need a lot of maintenance and should be cared for well to keep every part of it running smoothly.I feel you should consult a professional mold cleaner so that it does not spread further and create more havoc.Also you will have to get the leakage repaired to maintain the house and keep it free from mold and other problems that might be there.You should also consult your insurance adjuster to assess the damages and get the repayment for the repairs.

Re: Mold in my attic ceiling, water in my house...help

It's almost certain that the builder isn't liable. If you call the local Home Builders association they can tell you how long a builder is liable for this in your area. You'll probably need to deal with your own insurance company and unless this can be shown to have been caused by damage and not a lack of proper maintenance you're probably going to be on your own. First get the roof checked by a Pro, then be sure the attic ventilation system is working properly. Many times insulation will shift and impede soffit ventilation, and all you have to do is rake it back a little to reopen the needed space and keep a check on it afterward. I'm betting this is the problem if the roof is OK.


Re: Mold in my attic ceiling, water in my house...help

Hi, Was a plastic wrap or plastic vapor barrier installed when the house was built? Thanks

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