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mold in kitchen cabinet that is being removed

Hi, this may seem like a simple problem but it has me stumped, even after hours of research.  During Hurricane Irma water seeped into my kitchen at the foundation level.  Only now, 11 months later, have I found a person to install new cabinets.  There is green mold in the cabinets that got wet. I know the kitchen area must be contained with sheeting while the demo is done but exactly how should the cabinets be removed?  Should they be sprayed with a solution, before removal so as not to spread spores?  I guess my question is:  "Exactly how careful should the demo people be in removing two or three base cabinets that have green mold?"  Thanks for any insight anyone can give me.

Re: mold in kitchen cabinet that is being removed


It is simple mold, you eat mold if you have ever eaten cheese.

Personally, I would have removed all items while they were still wet with water. I would not have left them in the room that long. To keep the dust down, cover all your openings in that room. Cover all air intake vents close to that room. Cover the air exhaust vents in that room. If you don't like touching mold, wear some gloves. Wear a dust mask that is properly rated. You may want to wear a head covering to keep your hair clean. The day before you start working, spray everything with bleach. That will kill everything growing. You do not have to treat this like nuclear waste. I work with mold on occasion and I do nothing other than do the work and wear a high quality dust mask.


Handy Andy In Mt Airy NC

Re: mold in kitchen cabinet that is being removed

Had a very similar problem when I remodeled our kitchen this summer.

I cut away the drywall until it was into very clean and very dry area.
Then (with a mask) scraped the mold off the 2x4's and the baseplate.
Then soaked it with bleach.
Then put several fans on it for several days
Then soaked anything that had a hint of discoloration in bleach again.
Then put fans back on for several days.
Checked for any mold discoloration or hints of wetness.
Spot treated one small remaining area with the bleach/fan.


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