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Mold forming on evaporator

We have a fairly new system in our old house. Teh entire system was installed about a year ago. Recently while running the air handler to move some air around my wife noticed a moldy smell. We turned off the sytstem and started investigating. The system has a pump to remove the water from the unit. I checked the line and it was clear. I ran bleach through the pump and it ran through the line and outside. I checked the evaporator and it was covered with what I assume was mold. I got some coil cleaner and cleaned it out with the cleaner and the garden hose. Now about two weeks later we have the same thing. Also,we have kept the filter changed regularly. Can anyone tell me what could be going wrong with the system. Should we not run the air handler without running the a/c?

Re: Mold forming on evaporator

Unfortunatly you will get the smell until you regulaly run the ac all you can try to do is clean the coil with bleach .You can use self rinsing citrus base cleaner which will smell better.The problem is if you have any moisture on the coil it will smell. If you have a seperate heating system and the AC air handler is off for a long time, the unit never gets dryed out.Most systems that have a combined forced air ac and heat- have the smell at AC start up season and the runs enough to rinse the coil due to condensation formed in the process and moisture is not there long enough to grow anything. So your downtime must be long enough to promote the mold looking stuff.If you access the coil easily I would suggest to try some drain tabs that have a chlorine or algeside base. The tabs are to keep the drain clear but the chemical vapor will help reduce some of the smell.
make suer all the panels and duct connections are sealed.Duct tape is cheap use it if you remove the panels and they don't seal titely tape them.
The smell should only be at start up after long downtime and should go away

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