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kerry c.
mold on drywall in basement

Please help. We just had our basement finished and I discovered mold growing on sheetrock that is laminated onto cinderblock walls. This is a storage area, the rest of the room is framed out about 2" away from the walls. We have not had water in the basement but we do have an interior french drain that leaves a gap between the wall and floor. Does anyone know if the mold could have grown up from this to the drywall also is there a risk of mold behind the rest of the other walls because of this. We had several contractors come in before we began the project and none were concerned about the gap now I'm in a panic! We have a dehumidifier for the basement will it help to keep the area behind the sheetrock dry?

Re: mold on drywall in basement

Whether or not it can grow as a result of that gap depends on moisture migration from that spot upward and to what extend the moisture is available to the mold there. It may be a slow moisture intrusion through the cinderblock walls (an issue of humidity rather than liquid water - why you don't see it). In either case there is the possibility that there may be hidden mold. Either way the mold that you see may be only part of the overall pollution problem. What I'm referring to here is the mold's effect on the indoor air quality. I'm going to share with you some resource materials where you can (for free) contact professionals through forums and emails (no obligation to use their business), links to industry experts, information on mold, and links to remediation professionals. I hope they help direct you toward the path of remediation and closure. God bless!


kerry c.
Re: mold on drywall in basement

Thanks so much for your reply. We have taken down the laminated sheetrock and the wall underneath is dry and mold free! We are trying to think of some type of finish to cover the cinderblock walls that won't grow mold but will be nice to look at. I will be sure to check the links you sent along, thanks again.:)

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