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mold in attic

we have found mold in our attic (the second floor was an addition 4 years ago). How could it have gotten there, how do we remove it, what do we do to prevent it coming back? The mold is mainly on the plywood, but there is some on the studding.

Re: mold in attic

Most likely you have a leak or condensation. You will need to find the source of the dampness, fix the problem and treat the mold with bleach.

Re: mold in attic

The main reason behind mold is moisture. To control the moisture determine the source of any leakage. Use De-humidifiers to prevent moisture and increase ventilation so that fresh air can circulate in house.

Re: mold in attic

I am assuming you live in a colder climate. Again as other stated the mold is coming from moisture. This moisture usually is the result of condensation from warm air on the back side of the roof and cold air on the outside. With this being said do you have the attic floor insulated along with the access air tight. This will help but you also need proper ventilation in the attic area to keep the attic inside as close to the temperature outside. You may want to call a professional insulation contractor in to just take a look and see what his opinion is. Good Luck and please post how things work out.

Re: mold in attic

Improve the ventilation with soffit/ridge vents and use a solution of 10:1 water: bleach, it works.

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