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Mold around windows in apartment?

Wondering if anyone can tell me what this is, if I should be worried, and what my course of action should be? Background: We moved in to an older house in Princeton that has been divided into four apartments in July (7 months ago) and I've noticed this mostly around the rubbery material (casing?) around the window.

(high res)

(high res)

Let me know if you need better pictures with out all the backlighting.

Re: Mold around windows in apartment?

No, you don't need to post additional pics.

1. Are the apartments legal?

2. Call your landlord immediately and ask him to clean up the mold up, in a legal manner.

3. If your landlord is too slow to respond, you have the right to break your lease and move out. Then demand your security deposit. If the landlord refuses to return the deposit, sue him - you'll win. If the apartments are not legal, your landlord is in trouble.

4. In addition to cleaning the mess, your landlord has to fix what's wrong, so this problem doesn't come back.

5. Have all your documents in order to prove your case.

Re: Mold around windows in apartment?

Geeze, I'd just take come Simple Green or white vinegar and clean it up!

Re: Mold around windows in apartment?

Personally id just clean it and let the land lord know. If it comes back then he has to have a pro in to find the problem causing it. But that is just my opinion you need to make your own decision.

Re: Mold around windows in apartment?

There is an excellent mold killers available at Home Depot. Clean it and see what happens.

Not all mold is deadly. Chances are you'll be just fine.

Mold needs food and water to survive. The normal course of action is to control the water and the mold dies on its own.

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