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Mold around tub

I'm renting an old Victorian that hasn't been well cared for. One of the major issues I've been fighting is the bathroom moisture- due to lack of ventilation and lack of caring, there is some mold in the bathroom.

The drywall mold is my landlord's problem, but there is some caulk around the tub that looks awful and looks like it needs to be replaced or otherwise dealt with. Is this something I can do myself? Right next to the caulk on the tub, there is a 2.5' by 3' patch of moldy wall and another slightly smaller patch.

A. Spruce
Re: Mold around tub

Caulking isn't terribly difficult, however it does take some finesse and technique to apply it cleanly.

You will need to remove the old caulk first, as the mold is imbedded and behind it. Once the caulk is removed, the area needs to be thoroughly cleaned, then treated with a bleach solution to kill any remaining mildew and remove stains.

I personally do not like silicone caulks, as they are messy to apply and fail about as quickly as any other type of caulk. Latex caulks are the easiest to work with because they're water clean-up. Choose a tub and tile caulk.

It is easiest to use the type of tubes that require a caulking gun to apply. The smaller squeeze tubes are much harder to squeeze by hand to apply an even bead. Start by cutting the tip off the tube at 45* to reveal a hole 1/8". Have a wet rag handy and squeeze the trigger until caulking starts to exit the tube, wipe it clean.

Start in the corner, squeezing the trigger as you draw the caulk along the joint. Use the tip of the tube to lightly press the caulk into the joint as you go. Once the caulk is laid, wet your finger really well on the rag, then draw it along the caulk in 2 - 3" strokes, wiping off your finger between strokes. This will press the caulk into place and finish off the surface. Once you've made one pass with the short strokes, go back with a fresh wet finger and draw it along the entire length of the joint to have a perfectly smooth joint all the way along.

This is where the beauty of latex caulk comes in. If at first you don't succeed, simply wipe the caulking out and start over. Be sure to rinse your rag often. Take your time and be patient.

Lastly, if you've got mold and wall damage as seriously as you describe, you're going to either get the landlord to remediate it or move, as it is unhealthy to live with a problem like this.

Re: Mold around tub

I would be a little concerened with the mold issue. Ask your landlord, in a certified dated letter, to look into the issue and to inform you what type of action he/she is going to use to get rid of the problem. Then follow thru and save all records.

Solve the mold issue on the wall first, before you spend time/money/energy fixing the caulking around the tub.

If your landlord ignores you, you may be alble to break your lease, move and be entitled to your security deposit. It is your landlord's resposibility to provide you with a rental free of mold.

Re: Mold around tub

No sense fighting the mold on only one surface, it will just spread back. Get the mold fixed, it is a health hazard.

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