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Mold and Mildew - Specifics!

Okay, so I know how much bleach and water and I've decided to give it a go...but now I need specifics and advice.

First, how do I apply the solution? My siding is rough and the area to clean is quite large. Do I use a brush? Will it damage the siding and paint/stain? Do I use a sprayer? What kind should I use and can I rent it or do I have to buy it?

Second, do I need to protect my windows and doors in any way? Obviously, they are exposed to rain, but I'm nervous about getting bleach on them and spraying water at higher-than-rain pressure.

Third, is this a terrible time of year to do this? Would I be better off waiting for drier days? I live in the Northeast, where humidity is a problem all through summer. The autumn has drier air, but more rain. I'd rather not be going through the same process in a year or two, having promoted mold growth by wetting the siding in high humidity under a porch roof where the sun won't dry it at all.

Fourth, would I be better off hiring a professional powerwasher? I'm only worried about damage to my rough siding. I hate the rough siding, but replacing it is NOT in the budget.

Thanks for your help!

Re: Mold and Mildew - Specifics!

I wouldn't recommend power washing, you don't want to inject water into your walls. I would recommend just painting it on. Try a high nap roller but if the fuzz comes off on the siding then switch to a brush.

Be gentle, you don't want to release those spores into the air where they can settle in new untreated areas.

Re: Mold and Mildew - Specifics!

The concentration depends on what else you plan to do. If you just want to kill the mold/mildew, you could use about 1 part bleach/4 parts water. If you want the mold DEAD AND GONE so you can repaint, feel free to use it full strength. Either way, wet the surrounding landscape, cover it and then hose it off again when you are done. You could probably use a pump sprayer, but be warned that even a weak bleach solution will ruin it. And you may need to use a brush to scrub the tough spots.
If you plan on painting, be sure to use a good primer and good paint, so your problem doesn't return.

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