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moisture in walls.... now what???

hello, we are at a loss of what to do. We bought our new construction Condo in Chicago about 14 months ago. Over this fall we received a lot of rain (Hurricane overflow), and noticed that three of our windows were leaking into the drywall (never had leaks before). We discussed this with the other two units in our building and they experienced much the same, even worse with water coming through the dry wall even when there wasn’t a window. We don’t trust our contractor anymore for various reasons, however the condo is still under warranty. We hired two different third parties to come look at the brick work/flashing and to test for moisture in the wall. The brick guy said that we have tuck pointing issues and flashing issues around the window, which we assumed and are planning to have fixed. The moisture detection found various points of moisture in our walls in and around the windows. This is my question. How do we know if that moisture has turned into mold and if we need the full mold removal, or if once our exterior leaks are fixed in the next few days, can we hope the walls will dry out and we wont need to tear down our dry wall??? I don’t want to be "had" by some contractor who tears out all our dry wall and charges thousands of dollars because we don’t know what to do and are scared of "mold" Please help!!!!

Re: moisture in walls.... now what???

If the moisture has penetrated in from the outside enough to be showing signs on the drywall it would seem that you should have the drywall removed in that area.

This should be done to investigate how much damage there may be with other components as well as to dry out the area along with the insulation. Likely the drywall needed replacing as well.

Besides .... there really isn't any other way to tell if mold is present within the wall cavity other than removing the drywall in that area.

Hope this helps.:)

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