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frustrated mom
moisture in subfloor

We are replacing our Bruce 5/8" strip oak floor in our kitchen and 1/2 bath. The previous installer didn't nail the floor properly.Floor was creaky and had gaps only in the winter. Our current installer has installed the same floor throughout the rest of the main level within the last 6 months. Great install no issues.

He took up the kitchen floor, leveled the subfloor, checked for moisture. Previous installer put down vapor lock and #15 felt paper. Moisture readings with pinless meter were high 11-18%.
Subfloor is 3/4" plywood over unfinished part of a dry basement(poured concrete walls) Checked humidity level in basement high at 52%.
Bought fans and dehumidifier. Ran them upstairs and in basement.
Air conditioner is running and haven't opened windows.

Most of sub floor has dried to 7-10% but I still have 2 areas staying at 12-14%. Both overhang the house by 2 ft. We had air leakage problem(infrared camera). Removed underside board, installed vapor barrier, caulked,primed,sealed with spray foam, re-installed batt insulation between floor joists in overhanging area.

Air conditioner running, dehumidifier running, fans running, house humidity is at 42% lower at night. House temp 70 degrees.Been a rainy summer outside temp 80-85.

Does anyone have any ideas how to get these areas dry?
Where should the dehumidifier stay and what temp should my house be?

Sorry about the long post I just wanted to give you all the facts

Thanks for any help

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