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Moisture problems after open cell in attic

We had humidity problems since spraying open cell insulation into the attic of our 100 year old Florida home almost two years ago. During this time we have systematically identified, and corrected, unsealed areas left by installer. The last area is a west facing rarely used bathroom that has a vaulted ceiling. When a warm day follows a cool day, the humidity in the attic and the bathroom rise to close to 80%. Moisture (more like a river on some days) then forms at the peak of the bathroom ceiling and runs down the ceiling and walls. We had the house pressure tested, removed a skylight in this bathroom, removed part of the sheetrock where we found a large unfoamed area and, 2 1/2 weeks ago, foamed the area in with open cell. Today, the outdoor temperature rose to 79 and the humidity rose and the water began to flow down the walls. I checked out the area in the attic and the sheetrock is dry on that side. Help! I do not know what to do. My husband wants to remove all of the ceiling and see what else we find but I don't want to rip it down if it won't help. Note that the room adjoining this bathroom also has a vaulted ceiling and has no moisture problems. This is a 2 story, off grade house with closed cell in the crawl space and open cell in the attic.

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