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Moisture Meter

Hi All -

What is an affordable moisture meter for your average joe homeowner/consumer?

I will mostly use this device on drywall and concrete block.

Thanks in Advance!

Re: Moisture Meter

The "big box" stores have them in the $20 to $60 dollar range.

Re: Moisture Meter

Amazon continues to amaze me with what is available . . . the reviews & ratings are a mixed bag; you have to use your judgment. Feedback is useful to steer away from crap; I found very useful information in the reviews & comments (it is looking for pant size in an unorganized big stack, but once you find it, it's gratifying) about inner workings - - once you get a lead, you can Google outside of Amazon.

A recent useful one is how to get Junction Views "big file" to my 2Gb Garmin GPS, -- once you know, you go outside Amazon for better info. Found out about copper coated alu speaker wire vs. ox-free copper wire; RG 6 cable that is lighter gauge; RG6 compression fittings that are too small for Ideal compression tool; etc. Less time for actual DIY but better informed.

Re: Moisture Meter

Thanks All! I just didn't know if one used one that was "crap" or if someone had used what they felt were a very good one (based on personal experience).

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