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Moisture in Basement

Is there a way that I can get read of the moisture in our basement. The dry walls is swelling and I there is an order. Please direct me as to what we can do?


Re: Moisture in Basement

There are many ways to get rid of basement moisture and it all depends on where the bulk of it is coming from.

You say the drywall is swelling. What kind of insulation is behind the drywall? If it is fiberglass, it might be soaked with water.You might need to remove the whole drywall/insulation/wooden frame ensemble and start over with closed cell rigid foam board insulation or better yet a cement core insulated basement wall system.

If the concrete wall behind the insulation is wet, you might need to fix the drainage issues that are causing that heavy water infiltration. The soil around your basement should be kept as dry as possible.

Extend downspouts, clean gutters, grade the terrain as to slope away from the foundation walls, avoid plants that need constant watering too close to the house, and well as sprinklers and garden hoses.

You might need to install a drain tile, which nowadays can be done internally, along the basement walls, to collect rain water and divert it to a sump pump.

Once the drainage problems are corrected properly you will see a great improvement in your basement.

However, in some regions, even with a good drainage, the air in the basement will still remains a bit damp. Get an inexpensive hygrometer at a hardware store and check the Relative Humidity levels in the basement. if you get anything at or above 60% a good dehumidifier will give you as dy and mold free basement.

Re: Moisture in Basement

Word of warning: if you install a dehumidifier, be prepared for your electrical bill it jump.

Re: Moisture in Basement

The walls should be tanked, lined with an insulated plaster board and there should be plenty of ventilation.

Hank Bauer
Re: Moisture in Basement

Check on this product XYPEX can be applied to concrete walls and floors to stop water movement from passing.Can be used on either side positive or negitive.What you cannot do is punch holes trough it this may cause the hole to leak?

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