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Moisture and Carpenter Ant Rot to Stuctural Beam

The home owner complained about the water stained drywall on his ceiling. Little did he know what was hidden behind the plaster board. Please look at the attached photos and video.

You will see that moisture and carpenter ants have done some serious damage to the structural member (the 3-2x10's joined to create a beam).

The house owner is hoping to minimize this situation as an issue and has asked me for my opinion. I have shared with him that I would install something to either strengthen it or replace the damaged beam. I am thinking of using a flitch plate to restore the structural strength of the beam or maybe I could replace it altogether with an LVL (engineered lumber) beam.

I'm looking for some feedback.

Re: Moisture and Carpenter Ant Rot to Stuctural Beam

Anytime that you provide food, water and shelter, pests will come. Fix the water leak first, test it and test it some more. Then replace everything. That looks as if it is roof structure. A flitch bean is not needed, nor is LVL. Just sister a couple 2x12's to the existing. Try to find seasoned lumber that is already dry. Cut our everything possible.


Handy Andy In Mt Airy NC

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