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Moisture along walls/floor

Hi all, first post... hope this is the correct section to ask this in.

I have an attached garage that seems to be pulling in moisture along the seams where the walls meet the cement floor. We're not getting enough water to form puddles, but it's close. It's just along certain spots and we don't seem to be getting moisture anywhere else (ie; the center of the floor). This problem does get worse with heavy rain and does dry out during long periods of no rain.

I'm wondering what we can do to the outside and inside of the garage to seal up these seams as well as quickly dry out the walls/cement so that we can move forward with sealing up the troubled areas.

So in short...

1) we need some quick and easy ways to dry out the troubled areas.

2) product(s) that we can apply to the inside and/or outside that will quickly set and seal up the seams.

3) then, perhaps a cement floor coating we can apply to the floor along the walls to further protect from moisture getting in.

Also, side question... does anyone know the name of the process that's used to pump cement under a slap to raise it up?... and perhaps how much that costs?

thanks. :)

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