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Moist basement floor

On a recent episode of TOH, it was suggested that a layer of plastic should cover a basement floor to prevent moisture from contacting the subfloor and flooring material. Should I be concerned about mold forming under the sheet of plastic?

Re: Moist basement floor

If you have "moisture" on your basement floor, I hope you don't mean "flood".
And if it comes and goes, I would find out why and treat it first.
A vapor barrier cannot handle a lot of moisture, and yes, mold can start forming under it.

Re: Moist basement floor

Thanks for the reply
No flood or leaks in the basement. We do have a dehumidifier in the basement. There are no visible signs of moisture on the exposed floor, but when a box that has been on the floor is moved after several weeks, it is black underneath and musty smelling.

Re: Moist basement floor

with the case of the box, there definitely is a dampness problem you should most definitely be running a dehumidier all the time!!! even more so in the warmer months as it will only get worse.

with the humidity in the air and a cold surface the water will condensate which leads to mold

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