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moentrol pressure

we've enjoyed our Moentrol shower which has a feature that keeps the water a constant temperature depsite other water use in the house - previous showers have gone hot with a toilet flush or cold if the dishwasher is running. However, recently, although the temperature has still remained constant, the pressure is greatly diminished. It's not diminished from any of our other faucets, just the shower. Anyone have this problem? Anyone know how to fix it?

Re: moentrol pressure

It may be that there is not enough water pressure coming to your house, or if you have a water filter, your water filter may be dirty. You may not notice the decreased pressure in your other faucets because they more than likely have a water regulator on them and only permit a certain amount of water to come out at a time. You might also be able to turn up your water pressure regulator.

A. Spruce
Re: moentrol pressure

The shower head itself may be plugged with mineral or debris.

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