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Moen faucet Docking Collar not staying put

I recently installed a Moen kitchen pullout spray faucet m/n 87003CSL "Anabelle". At the end of the neck, where the pullout spray nozzel retracts, there is a black Docking Collar, size and shape of a thimble, which keeps the nozzel in place when retracted. This Docking Collar has a white plastic ring around it that catches on a ridge on the inside of the faucet neck. This white ring anchors the Docking Collar into the neck. The spray nozzel "clicks" into the Docking Collar. When I remove the nozzel, there is some resistance, as expected, and then the nozzel should release from the Docking Collar. The Docking Collar stays in the faucet neck as a result of the white ring having more strength than the force I am pulling against the resistance of being engaged with the Docking Collar.

The problem is, that as I pull on the nozzel, the Docking Collar begins to come out, up to 1/8", and I am confident that if I keep pulling, the white ring is going to break and the Docking Collar will no longer be anchored into the faucet neck. I am able to release the nozzel by twisting a screwdriver between the nozzel and the Docking Collar to aid in releasing the two more gently. The first faucet I purchased had a broken white ring, and the second faucet is not broken, but as I said, I see it happening soon.

I am curious whether this is an installation error, or a mfg defect. This Docking Collar is pre-installed in the neck of the faucet so I am inclined to think this is a material defect, etc. I am perplexed.

Re: Moen faucet Docking Collar not staying put

I just got off the phone with Moen and they are aware of this defect. They have redesigned the Docking Collar and are sending me a new one free of charge.

If anyone has any questions on this or would like more details, please feel free to contact me. Take care.


A. Spruce
Re: Moen faucet Docking Collar not staying put

Glad you got it straightened out.

I was going to recommend that you replace the faucet with a better brand.

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