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mobile homes

;) I am not use to using this type of blogs or chats or whatever you call them. But I have seen various issues of this magazine and I was wondering if any of the issues address problems as to repairs for mobile homes or if there are any experts / information available in terms of getting parts or doing major renovations.
Thanks for any help

Re: mobile homes

My sister had a fallen limb bust her main support beam in our December ice storm. We worked together to find the same information you're looking for. The best way to find repair information especially for the floor and roof is to contact the place that sells that model. They will have lots of people to call for information, suppliers and advice.

Think about it, they have to have these contacts, someone has to move and place the homes. Those that come in 2 pieces or more have to be put together and secured

Re: mobile homes

Sorry but I know little about mobile homes but I did find this forum on the web


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