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Mobile Home Sprinkler System

Okay, I have a problem... so what else is new to those visiting this site?

I own a mobile home, single wide 14 x 45 with a smallish amount of lawn around an awkwardly shaped lot. My lot kinda looks like a pineapple piece. It is 20 feet in the front, and expands to about 55 feet in the back. I am required by park rules to water the lawn and keep it looking good... the downside, I cannot put in an auto system that is below ground. The owners are worried about old installed gas lines, power lines, drain lines, etc. I am going to say this in advance, I am a lazy home owner, sort of, but really do not have the time to go out and water the lawn every day or two as needed.

My solution... install a copper pipe based system that is attached to the roof eaves of the mobile home that would mimic an in-ground system. My problem... actually doing this.

I live in Utah, and it gets notoriously cold. I am not sure of what material to use for the installation. Should I use PVC, CPVC, PEX, or copper. The temperatures can reach 100+ degrees in the summer and below zero during the winter for extended periods of time.

I was thinking of putting up a system using copper tubing, 1/2", around the eaves of the mobile home, supplied with a manifold and back flow valve system, and simply putting the whole thing about 9 feet in the air. I would supply the manifold with a supply line from water source, much like the trailers main supply, and putting in a drain and disconnect for winter months.

My concern is the cold during the winter, and the exposure the whole year.

What are your thoughts for this installation? Any suggestions? Problem areas? Things I should be concerned with?

Thanks in advance,

Bruce Millar
[email protected]

A. Spruce
Re: Mobile Home Sprinkler System
A. Spruce

Rather than attaching to your roof, how about laying out a system on the ground? You could lay the pipes on top of the ground along the edge of the grass/flowerbeds. In the winter season when they're not needed, you could disassemble in sections, drain, and store under a deck, in a garage, or under the trailer itself. Can't do that? get yourself an extra long garden hose and a sprinkler tractor. Lay the hose around the yard and set it to a timer, then set the tractor and forget it. The downside here is that the tractor will have to be reset before each watering session, however, there won't be any pipes to lay or maintain, and overall a hose and sprinkler will be cheaper.

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