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Mixing Paints

Hi all.
Can someone tell me if it's ok to mix outdoor paint with indoor paint.

Re: Mixing Paints

It depends, is it the same type of paint and for what purpose they are going to be used. Latex with latex, oil with oil. Exterior paint has resin added to make it harder and more UV protected. Exterior usually has a higher shine than interior. Once interior is mixed with exterior it will not be as hardy to the elements.

A. Spruce
Re: Mixing Paints

Once interior is mixed with exterior it will not be as hardy to the elements.

Nor will any paint dealer be able to match the sheen or color exactly, should more paint be needed to finish the job, continue later, touch-up, etc.

As Jack said, latex with latex, oils with oils, alkyds, with alkyds. Once the paint is mixed, don't use it for exterior projects, use for interior only. I've done this numerous times with "white" paints for the interiors of garages and garden sheds. I wouldn't recommend it for inside of your house just because of the need to have more later when repainting or touching up.

Re: Mixing Paints

Don't mix interior with exterior, unless you plan on painting some shelfs or a floor somewhere no one will see, you will see the paint flash like no tomorrow,I know I had a helper grab the wrong paint on a exterior job, and we were spraying the siding, well after I cleaned up the sprayer and we loaded the truck, I walked around and took a look at it as it was drying. I kept seeing spots. So I figured wait intil the next day then look at it. Well next day we show up and the house had flat spots and the finish was eggshell, I had the reps from Pittsburge Paints out and we could not figure out what happen intil we checked the 5 gallon buckets, And since there was 30 gallons the paint store mixed up a flat interior in with the exterior eggshell, and my helper didn't look at the labels when he boxed the paints then dumped the paint into the spray bucket, It was a mess, The kicker was the Homeowner blamed me for it and it was the paint store that screwed up the order, But I think the real reason was because I was able to spray out the whole house(5200 sqft) two story in 8 hours and the Homeowner told me there was no way I could do it. He got a little pived. So he didn't want me painting the house again, even when Pittsburge Paints said it wasn't my fault. Oh well no big deal I got paid.

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