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Mixing drywall mud with Latex paint

I recently finished putting up the drywall on the ceiling of my bathroom.

Ive got the joints taped and the seems covered/feathered out with mold resistant mud. a friend of mine suggested a textured ceiling which after seeing is something i want to do. he said you mix paint with the mud and roll it on using a special roller.

anyone ever done this?

how much of a paint to mud ratio do you have to use?

i have about 4 gallons of mud as it was a small job so i was thinking a gallon.


A. Spruce
Re: Mixing drywall mud with Latex paint

First question, why would you mix two materials that were not made to be mixed together?

There is absolutely no reason to mix drywall compound and paint together. Instead, thin the compound with water, as is recommended by the label, to your desired consistency. Apply with your roller of choice, and allow to fully dry. Apply two coats of a good quality primer, such as Zinnser Bull's Eye 123 (blue label ), followed with two coats of your paint of choice. This technique will produce the results you are looking for.

MLB Construction
Re: Mixing drywall mud with Latex paint

absolutely 100% agree with spruce.....dont' listen to your friend

Re: Mixing drywall mud with Latex paint

Agree, mixing the two when wet, is a recipe for disaster.

Re: Mixing drywall mud with Latex paint

Besides, you can't mix enough paint with compound to make a color difference in the compound. If you add that much paint you'll water down the compound sooooo much it will be useless

Re: Mixing drywall mud with Latex paint

A cool-looking technique that I've seen is to first paint the ceiling with a colored base coat, then apply a knockdown texture. The texture is white, but the base coat shows through between the texture globs.

I can't say that I've ever seen colored mud. Not saying it can't be done, but mixing paint with the mud seems like a recipe for unintended consequences. More reasonable would be to put pigments into the mud or texture.

Re: Mixing drywall mud with Latex paint

I've done this to good effect, but it is still going to take at least two more coats of primer/paint to finish. My logic here is that paint is more moisture-resistant than drywall mud alone, so having that in the mix (within reason) cannot hurt. Not having any failures to refer to I can't say that my way of thinking works, just that it's worked so far with me.

Having said that, I have to add that textured ceilings are going out of style as many now see them as a cheap way to hide poor craftsmanship. Plus repairs are a lot tougher if they are ever needed. If it were me, I'd forget it and go with a proper flat-finished ceiling. Adding texture later is easy, changing to flat after texture is not.


Re: Mixing drywall mud with Latex paint


I don't understand why these guys say you can't or shouldn't mix the paint and compund, it's a trick I learned 30 yrs ago from an old house builder that works GREAT, NO PAINTING NEEDED AFTER! Follow this link. I did it 30 yrs. ago and it's STILL looking great!

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