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Missouri weather not right for slate tiles

We're having our concrete front stoop and walkway repoured and we're thinking of covering it with slate tiles. We saw this done at a house in our neighborhood.

When we mentioned this to Lowes, Home Depot and a local tile store, they didn't say anything against the idea.

But when we talked to another tile store, they said that Missouri weather would eventually cause it to separate and / or crack. We live in the St. Louis area. The sales person said they had done it in the past and it always ended up with problems. He gave us other tile alternatives but I still like the look of slate best.

Does anyone have any opinions or recommendations for us.

Thank you.

Re: Missouri weather not right for slate tiles

I'm absolutely no expert here... now got that out of the way -
I live in the same area, and I know i've seen walks of slate and they're gorgeous.

I think what the problem here is, is that slate is kind of 'layered' rock, snd moisture in it will freeze in the winter and expand, possible cracking or breaking the slate.

There's definitely a right way to lay the walk, with digging down so far, filling with sand, and then laying the slate on the sand and filling in, but I don't know the depth or anything. So actually, I've told you nothing. Except that I've seen them around here. I don't know if there's a particular thickness of slate that works better or if there are different grades, but that might have something to do with the problems they referred to.

Re: Missouri weather not right for slate tiles

Since you have neighbors with this same walkway, why not ask them? How old is their walkway and have they had any problems with it? In some instances, sales people will tell you untruths in order to sell you things, OR the sales person could be right. I think the best way to find out would be to ask the neighbor with the slate.

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