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Mirror on Bathroom wall

I have a large mirror mounted directly on a wall over the vanity in a bathroom. It is probably 3' x 5' in size. What is the best way to get it off the wall - without being injured or doing damage to the wall? Thanks!!

Re: Mirror on Bathroom wall

chances are that it's glued or caulked onto the wall. does it sit in a channel on the bottom and top? if it sits in a channel on the top and bottom then you slide the mirror up into the top slot and it will come out of the bottom track, easy enough.....if it is glued or caulked to the wall then get a roll of duct tape and tape up as much of the mirror as you can. then, make sure you're wearing good thick gloves and use a pry bar to break the mirror off of the wall little by little. chances are that you will have to spackle, sand and repaint the wall.

Re: Mirror on Bathroom wall

Success!! I got the large mirror off my bathroom wall! The mirror was not held up by any type of frame and was glued directly to the wall with this black tar like adhesive. I did as you suggested and duck taped the entire mirror and then while wearing protective eye wear and gloves I slowly pried the mirror off the wall. I actually thought the mirror would break into pieces but it came off the wall in one piece and I was able to move it to another room without incident. I scraped the black adheshive off the wall, spackled and primed. Thanks so much for your help.

Re: Mirror on Bathroom wall

I'm glad you got the mirror off the wall in one piece that doesn't always happen when it is glued on. MLBSF gave some great advice on how to do it safely.

As a side note I used to work for a glass company when I first got out of college. Most mirrors, old windows, and old sliding doors are plate glass. Plate glass can be very dangerous if not handled properly. Unlike tempered glass which is stronger and will shatter into little small pieces that are not to dangerous plate glass will easily break into very sharp pieces that are large. These pieces can easily cut you like a sharp knife causing a lot of damage to you. So like MLBSF suggested when handling and cutting mirrors or plate glass you should wear heavy gloves (heavy rubber gloves are the best to wear). When I worked for the glass company we were required to always have a heavy pair of rubber gloves in our back pockets for handling plate glass. Also I would recommend heavy shirt, pants, boots, and goggles. Also taping it up will really help if it does break to hold the pieces together.

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