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Mirror above fireplace

In the condo that I will be moving into next month there is a wood burning fireplace on its own wall. The wall is approximately 7 feet wide with the fire place (about 5 feet wide) in the center. Covering all areas of the wall above and around the fireplace are three large mirrors (a large rectangle above the fireplace and two smaller rectangles on either side).
There appears to be drywall behind the mirror and it seems to be attached to the wall with an adhesive. I would like to take the mirror down with as little damage to the wall behind the mirror as possible. Any suggestions would be helpful!

Re: Mirror above fireplace


First, when you pull the mirror off, make sure you protect yourself! I always wore a heavy, long sleeved shirt, leather gloves and eye protection. You will want to criss cross the mirror with re-inforced tape, just in case the mirror shatters.

You can loosen the mirror by gently prying the edge of the mirror with a stiff putty knife, working up and down the edge. Mirror glass is actually surprisingly strong. I have often gotten mirrors off in one piece.

Once the mirror has been removed, you will find that the adhesive has torn off pieces of the drywall paper. The adhesive is usually applied in dabs, rather than squiggles. Take a utility knife or single edge razor blade and cut around the perimeter of the remaining glue and/or torn drywall. Cut deep enough to cut through the drywall paper. Remove the cut section of paper. Sand the brown , fibrous paper to smooth the fuzz. Now seal the exposed paper with either oil based Kilz primer or BIN shellac primer. Once sealed, you will be able to patch the drywall with drywall compound without the moisture from the compound causing the drywall paper to pucker up. Now simply sand and spot prime the patches. If you have textured walls, you will have to spray on texture to match the rest of the room. The texture will have to be then primed with drywall primer before painting.

Re: Mirror above fireplace

If the putty knife doesn't work get a couple of pieces of heavy dowel and a wire guitar string. Tie the ends if the guitar string around the dowels and use the dowels as handles. Work the string behind a corner and use the handles to pull the string back and forth like a saw to cut between the mirror and the drywall.

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