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Minor leak in tile floor in stall shower

Does anyone have a remedy for a minor leak in tile floor of stall shower? I don't want to tear up the tile floor. All tiles are set in wire lath and cement. Are there any products that will seal the tile and grout floor? Thanks for any suggestions anyone might have.

Re: Minor leak in tile floor in stall shower

Well, the leak could be coming from the grout or the drain or the seams between the wall transitions (corners) or anywhere in between. You’re not saying so I’m guessing and I’m guessing this wasn’t done by a pro so…off we go.

If you had an idea where the leak was, you could rub silicone caulk over the grout lines. That would seal the leak and last about two months. If you told me how it all was built, i.e.,. underlayment type, filler, mesh style, grout type, liquid or latex grout mix, tile type, etc.,. I could tell you exactly where the leak is.

Re: Minor leak in tile floor in stall shower

The house was built in 1956 and this is the original tile.

The floor is made with a lead pan, the small ceramic tiles are set in, I believe, concrete and are grouted in place. The grout appears to be a sand mixture. I have removed the grout around the perimiter of the floor and replaced it with a marine sealant which is made for below water applications. I have examined the grout lines in the tile and I see no apparent cracks in the grout. I've also sealed around the drain area with a two part epoxy.

Also, the tile walls are set in wire mesh and concrete and that is why I don't want to rip up the original floor.

Thanks for any information your expertise can provide. Happy New Year!

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