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Mildew inside a wall

My children left a hose attached to an outside faucet during the winter. Of course this caused the frost proof faucet to freeze and burst which resulted in a flood in my dining room. I accessed and fixed the faucet, removed the wet insulation, and placed a dehumidifier at the opening to dry everything out. Now, what should I do to kill any mildew and prevent its growth? My first thought was to spray a bleach solution inside the wall cavity, but I kinda remember hearing somewhere that this was not a good idea.

Re: Mildew inside a wall

There are all sorts of suggested concoctions to kill mold. Personally I prefer plain old bleach. To prevent re-growth - you've already done that - stop the water leak.

Timothy Miller
Re: Mildew inside a wall

Howdy if you have the wall open and allow it to dry you have solved the problem. Carpet Restoration companies have fungi sides they can spray on the areas that prevent growth and are lots less dangerous then bleach.

Re: Mildew inside a wall

Whatever treatment you choose, do it while the wall is still open. I've always used bleach, kept the area well ventilated, and always with good results.

Re: Mildew inside a wall

My daughter was one of the unfortunate victims of the hurricane that hit Mississippi and Alabama a few years ago. She ended up with 3' of water in her home. ( actually floated her refrigerator) After removing all the dry wall up to the 4' level in the entire home. See was told remove the insulation and spray all the stud bays with a mixture of bleach and paint. This held the bleach in place to kill the mold. It worked great. The home has been put back together and she has not had any mold problems sense.


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