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Might zone dampers be the answer?

My (fairly new to me) home is located in the pacific northwest and built around 1880. I have forced air heating (furnace in basement) and AC (both are adequately sized for the entire home) which are great on the first floor. Very little comes out of the vents on the second floor. I know the main problem is that the first floor has 6 ducts coming off the trunk and the second floor has one. The second floor duct also takes two 90 degree turns on its way to the attic where it splits into 3 ducts. I am considering placing motorized dampers at the trunk on all of the ducts and adjusting them when I want to heat/cool the 2nd floor. Any idea on the likelihood of this working? If not, do you have any suggestions?


Re: Might zone dampers be the answer?

zone dampers are used in very sophisticated heating cooling systems. as the dampers close the main fan volume must be reduced so that the static pressure does not increase. that being said i think your problem is what we call balancing. you need to re-balance your system if one room is hotter or colder than the other. to do this you must have some balancing dampers on the main trunk and adjustable grills on all the registrars. go and set all the dampers and registrars at about half way. then let the system run for a couple of hours. then go into each room and take the temperature of that room. if you are in heating mode for example rooms that are cold open up the dampers ect, vise versa rooms that are hot shut them down some. repeat this until happy


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