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Metal roofing Ridge Cap

I am installing a Fabral metal roof on my barn which has a gambrel roof. I have to use 1 x 4's parallel 24 inches on center because I am going over an existing shingled roof. The top roof of the gambrel is a 4/12 pitch. I am trying to figure out how to attach the ridge cap without standing on the metal roof and bending it with my weight being it will be elevated with the 1 x 4's. Any suggestions?

Re: Metal roofing Ridge Cap

We walk all over our metal roofs. The panels should be rigid enough to take the weight. You can also walk over the battens, which you can locate by the screws.

Re: Metal roofing Ridge Cap

I agree you can just walk on the roof no problem. just be careful new metal roofs are very slippery yours is not steep so you should be able to walk it just fine but watch yourself.

Re: Metal roofing Ridge Cap

A lot will depend on which way you ran the 1X4's. If you ran them across the roof you should be able to walk on the roof, if you ran the down the roof you can insert short 1X4's inbetween near the top.


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