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Metal roofing, how to join hips?

I'm going to be installing a metal roof using 3 foot wide sheets. Building has a hip roof, it's rectangular and there are no valleys. I'm having trouble finding anything 0nline that really describes how to make the joint in the cap where the two hips join the ridge.

If anyone can point me to a page or video that describes how to do this, that would be great!

Re: Metal roofing, how to join hips?
Re: Metal roofing, how to join hips?

I've found lots of installation guides by manufacturers like that one. They give plenty of details, but none I've found so far tell you how to make that joint.

Here's the ONLY thing I've found so far, but I'd like to find something more authoritative, or at least a second opinion:


(At the very least, this should describe for you what I'm trying to do).

Re: Metal roofing, how to join hips?

Fencepost the gap they show in the link you provided seems a little wide. I usually make it about 1 to 1½" wide and then install the metal cap. The ends are sealed with a foam insert rather than bending down the cap.


Re: Metal roofing, how to join hips?

Jack, I agree on the gap. I have plans for sealing that up. I don't want continuous ridge vent anyway; this is for an outbuilding that will have a rooftop ventilator.

My main concern was the three-way joint of the two hip caps and the ridge cap. Of course I want to do things properly, even though it IS for a chicken house. There's no point in doing it wrong if there's a right way to do it. The chickens might not care about how it looks, but I suspect they WILL care if their heads get wet.

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