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Merry (drip) Christmas (drip drip drip)

It all started so innocently. We were expecting company for Christmas. The kitchen sink was dripping. It just needed a new O ring. Well, it would only take a little more effort and we could have a new fixture. No problem, I'm a DIY kinda guy and have plumbing experience. First I shut off the water. I disconnected the supply line and tried to use my trusty faucet wrench to loosen the fixture. It was an old fixture, a really old fixture, and rusted in place. Well no problem, I disconnected the disposer, loosened the sink and popped it out. The fixture was still rusted in place. I put the sink in the back of my truck, drove to my fathers house, got a big chisel and hammer and removed the sucker. Wonderful I thought I'll have this back together in no time. I drove back home to find my wife staring at the hole in the counter. Normally, she's not ruddy complected but now she was beet red. Seems company was coming sooner than I thought. I assured her that this 30 minute job that was now going on 4 hours would be finished shortly. I assembled the new fixture, installed the sink, hooked up the garbage disposal, reconnected the supply lines and turned on the water. The sink worked beautifully. The problem was the copper supply line to the main supply was old copper. Every place I touched it, or where it wiggled, was a pin hole leak. It had to be replaced. It was late on Dec 23. No place was open, and I didn't have any supplies to fix the line. Nor would I have time on Dec. 24, nor Dec 25 (when all the company would be there) My solution? I turned off all the water to the house, turned it on again only when needed, and only for the barest length of time necessary. Do you have any idea how many times a house full of people needs to flush? Her solution? Make me promise to never touch the plumbing again, make friends with a plumber, and get them to the house to fix the leaks. She won and we had a plumber fix the leaks before New Years. (Even though I assured her, with the hardware store open, I could have fixed it!)

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